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Mini Group Intensive English Program

This is our core English language course, and it is tailored to meet the needs of individual students and mini groups. Students are exposed to a wide range of materials and do not follow one particular textbook.

Different aspects of language (conversation, reading, writing, listening, grammar, and vocabulary) are covered at all levels of proficiency. The course is a combination of general English study and specific purpose needs and is suited to serious adult learners who want to:

  • improve their general English communcation skills
  • focus on a particular area of language study, such as pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary
  • prepare for a Cambridge exam (First, Advanced, Proficiency) or IELTS
  • prepare for a business-oriented test, such as TOEIC or Cambridge BEC
  • concentrate on specific business or professional skills such as report writing or presentations

This is a highly intensive, 'fast-track' program. To ensure best results, the courses are taught in mini groups of 2 - 4 students. Mini teaching groups mean more individual attention, a friendly and comfortable learning environment, and greater opportunities for speaking practice. You will quickly develop fluency and confidence in speaking English.

The timetable includes 20 hours mini group tuition per week. All tuition is face-to-face with a teacher. The program is suited to those who want to improve their general English skills, as well as for professional people wishing focus on more specific language areas such as:

  • vocabulary development
  • conversation
  • grammar topics
  • pronunciation
  • presentations and speeches
  • writing letters and emails
  • exam preparation (Cambridge and IELTS)

Key Features

  • flexible starting dates (any day of the week)
  • mini teaching groups (2 - 4 students)
  • self-access facilities (audio/video equipment, computer learning, library resources)
  • internet and wifi
  • coffee (Nespresso) and tea facilities available all day
  • academic and personal counselling

Mini Group Intensive Plus

The Plus 2 and Plus 3 programs are available for students who wish to include additional private tuition. These programs are also suitable for those wishing to prepare for a business-oriented exam such as BEC or TOEIC.

Course Duration

Courses are for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 12 weeks, and are available for adult students at all levels of English (except absolute beginners). Minimum age is 24

One to One Tutorial English

One student : one teacher. This program is 15 hours per week and is available for students at any level, including absolute beginners. You study at your own pace with one teacher. The course is fully tailored to your requirements and the tuition is adjusted to suit your learning style and your changing needs. You receive individual attention at all times.

Mini Group Intensive
20 hours per week
20 hours mini group tuition (2-4 students)

Mini Group Intensive Plus 2
22 hours per week
20 hours mini group tuition (2-4 students)
+ 2 hours one-to-one private tuition
Mini Group Intensive Plus 3
23 hours per week
20 hours mini group tuition (2-4 students)
+ 3 hours one-to-one private tuition
One-to-One Tutorial
15 hours per week
Private individual tuition. 1 student:1teacher
All levels, beginner to advanced

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Intensive courses, combined with a friendly and professional learning environment, guarantee good results for students at all levels

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